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Stained Glass Creation


Stained glass is beautiful, but delicate. It does require some special care:
All pieces have been cleaned and protected with a waxy sealer. Minimal cleaning is required, a simple dust is all that’s needed with a dry, soft cloth. Your stained glass piece may start to patina or oxidise over time – this is completely natural and normal. If this happens, I gently use a soft, dry brush with light pressure to remove the “white tarnish”. Window cleaners or other chemicals may damage the solder, glass and integrity of the piece so we do not recommend using these to clean your stained glass.

Our pieces are soldered together with a 60/40 blend of lead and tin. Even though your piece is sealed with a waxy sealer we do recommend washing your hands with soap and warm water after handling to prevent unwanted exposure.



As window suction cups can dry out and loose their suction   
over time. We do not recommend using these to hang your
stained glass piece unless you are confident in their stability.

As a great alternative, we love to use small nails and screw  
hooks to anchor pieces. Fishing line works great to withhold the weight of any of our designs. This video is an easy & quick example of how to string fishing line with your provided hanging hook.

Nails also work great if glass will be hung on your wall space.
Lastly, be sure to fasten screws and nails securely to your window
frame/trim or wall space.

Stained Glass feathers


In addition to a shiny silver finish, copper & black patina's can add a beautiful colour pop or soft touch to an over all look.

Copper finishes are one of my favorite pairings with glass. It does naturally patina over time, so it becomes more rustic or aged looking.  
- a look I absolutely love!


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