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Being based out of British Columbia, this is a place where we both feel at home and most inspired. From the mountains down to the valleys, to the wildlife and the natural beauty of our own backyard. This allows us to be constantly influenced and inspired with all of our designs.

A lot of time and attention to detail goes into creating new pieces. We do make all of our own stencils and every design is made sure it is up to our standards before leaving the studio.

 Because of our appreciation of the natural beauty in glass itself, we like to think in terms of light, delicate & less is more for all of our elegant designs.

About Our Leather


All of our glass sheets are handpicked and each individual design starts off with a preferred colour choice. One of our favourite parts about working with glass is the uniqueness of each piece itself. It's made in an incredible amount of different textures, colours and patterns. We can generally never get the exact same sheet again which makes all of our designs unique to their own! This array of choices allows for a never ending amount of inspiration and creativity for our designs. 


Once the glass has been selected, we line up any specific details that we would like to showcase within the finished design, these are measured and traced out. From there all pieces are carefully cut out with a small glass cutter that scores the glass and makes it possible to break/snap the pieces off of the excess glass. 


After being cut all pieces are off to be ground with our diamond tip grinder bit. This process cleans up any small imperfections that may have occurred during the cutting process. It gives the piece a more polished and clean edge so that the glass will fit together soundly. 

All pieces of the design are then ready to be re-assembled into it's original pattern and is prepared to be soldered. 

Once skilfully soldered together it is meticulously cleaned to clear off any flux that was used to bond the solder and copper together. A desired patina can be added and a final cleaning in which we apply a polishing compound to create that beautiful, shiny stained glass finish we all love. 

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