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L I N E N   W H I T E

Clean + Crisp. 
This translucent white glass really holds a less is more feeling to it. Stunning in a window or delicately hung on a wall, it elegantly elevates any space. I've designed two variations in this Moon Phase Design + both pieces are paired with the shiny silver finish we all appreciate.

The first design is paired with a cluster of two stunning - raw Aquamarine stones. These were hand selected at a gem show two summer seasons ago - this is their moment!  The second design is with a gorgeous Amethyst Point stone that really showcases the pretty ombre gradient of purple. Natural stones are hand drilled and mounted for both designs.

- Hanging hook included.

Remember all glass has 2 beautiful looks! Back lit with natural sunlight or a pretty decorative glass look on a wall space!

Each handcrafted glass design is one-of-a-kind and no two pieces will ever be the exact same due to the individuality of glass.

L I N E N - W H I T E

  • Measuring 30.5' at hanging length and just over 3.5' at it's widest point.

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